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Global Southern Ocean

The global component of the OOI design includes a network of moorings at critical, yet under-sampled, high-latitude locations such as within the Southern Ocean, SW of Chile. Moorings located in the Southern Ocean support sensors for measurement of air-sea fluxes of heat, moisture and momentum, and physical, biological and chemical properties throughout the water column.

The Global Southern Ocean Array is a combination of fixed platforms (moorings) with moored profilers to address the requirement to sample the full water column and mobile platforms (gliders) that provide simultaneous spatial and temporal sampling capabilities. The array is composed of an Surface Mooring containing fixed instruments situated on the buoy and through the top 1500 m of the water column. A subsurface Global Profiler Mooring made up of two wire-following profilers, one operating from ~300 m to 2500 m and the second from ~2500 m to 4600 m. Two Flanking Moorings form a triangular array ~50 km on a side. These flanking Moorings have their uppermost flotation at ~30 m depth and instruments at discrete depths along the mooring line to a depth of 1500 m.

Open-Ocean Gliders sample within and around the triangular array equipped with acoustic modems to relay data from the Flanking Moorings to shore via satellite telemetry. Profiling Gliders sample the upper water column near the Apex Profiler Mooring.

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Array Diagrams


This array includes following research sites and platforms.

KeySite NameWater Depth
2 Apex Surface Mooring (GS01SUMO) 4,800 meters
1 Apex Profiler Mooring (GS02HYPM) 4,800 meters
3 Flanking Subsurface Mooring A (GS03FLMA) 4,800 meters
4 Flanking Subsurface Mooring B (GS03FLMB) 4,800 meters
Mobile Assets (GS05MOAS)