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Data Products

Over 200 unique data products are measured or derived from the nearly 75 models of specialized instrumentation used in the OOI from the air-sea interface to the seafloor.

Data Product Algorithms
Data Product specifications and data flow diagrams for current data products can be found in the OOI Technical Data Package repository.

The algorithm code used to generate each data product in the OOI Cyberinfrastructure system can be found here: OOI Algorithms

Quality Control
OOI Data Quality Control strives to meet or exceed QARTOD standards. In addition to daily human-in-the-loop QC tests, as data streams are collected, data products are run through six automated QC algorithms.  Please see the OOI Data Quality Control page for more information.

Data Products
The following lists include the most significant science data products collected by the OOI system, broken up by their primary sampling regime. You can also view the expanded Data Product list with descriptions.

Water Column